When can I get ’em back?

Next day no problem. If you are in a real hurry I can sometimes do them straight away. Depending.

My knife is special. - Can I trust you?

Whether it was your great- Grandfathers’ trench knife, a Bat’leth used in the movies when Spock was still a lad or a Gyutou you paid $20k for in Kyoto: I can help you with it. Blades and handles are carefully taped to prevent marking, bevels are reconstituted exactly as before, and a diamond plate and Jig will be used instead of machinery. For collector pieces, I normally dress the item with renaissance wax. This is charged on a per-hour basis.


Rust removal: electrolysis, wire/brass wheel

Polishing: 3M fiber wheel, Buffs

Sharpening Chisels/gouges: Slow aluminum oxide grinder & oilstones

Sharpening Knives: Vertical Sa