Knife Sharpening

The first question I am asked is generally: "How much does it cost?" The Short answer is : $10. The long answer is, well, longer. (Mind you, I'd like it better if people asked how good it was going to be!)

Small knves are fiddly and large knives are, well, large: so it evens out in time and therefore money.

No discounts except for bulk consignments.

Sometimes a knife is not woth repair: it is worn out, or wasn't much good from the start. If it has sentimental value I can do my best. Otherwise I always have a few reconditioned knives for sale for less than half their RRP.

Walk in with your knives (rolled in a tea-towel so they are not touching) and I will quote before I do the work. Covid distancing no problem.

I'll buff and polish the blade and handle.

It will be an additional $5 for: Regrinding deep nicks , tip or bolsters, reprofiling, or buffing out of deep scratches.

Ceramic Blades are $20 because they require the use of diamond plates.(and are very tedious to do)

Quality knives: -pristine collectors items over, say, $300- need to be taped and bevelled on a jig. Ditto single bevel or split bevel japanese knives.

Sporting knives have thick spines and sometimes two bevels that takes a lot of grinding to repair. Also you have to get your zen on.

I can also make or restore handles, either scales or on the lathe.. Leather sheaths too. Don't be in a hurry.


For Cheapies - I will sharpen the blade, flatten the anvil and lubricate for $5. For quality secateurs I'll disassemble , do the full monty and reassemble for $15.

And/Or: you can buy a fully reconditioned RRP $100 Swiss Felco #4's from me for $45 ( Including a $15 sharpen of course)


Dissassembled, Cleaned, sharpened, Reassembled, & lubricated for $15.

MACHETES, CLEAVERS, SWORDS, SCIMITARS: You get the idea: Long - blade knives

Price On Application. Probably $20 if it isn't less (or more)