Tool Sharpening & Repair

Bench planes: Blade: flattening the back, beveling and cambering the blade (to nominated angle) honing to 1200 grit, polishing and fitting the chip breaker, and reassembly.

Body: Disassembly, lapping frog-mating surfaces (Ha!) cleaning, lubrication and reassembly. Flatten sole and wings, ease corners, and test. Do it again.

Crowbars: Straighten, Strip, Paint, even up the cutting edge and bevel.

Garden / Mulch Forks/ Rakes: even the tines, repair and treat handles

Shovels / Spades / Hoes / Mattocks: Grind edge straight, Epoxy Paint, sharpen, sand /Re-handle and dress with linseed oil.

Anything, really. Bring it in and let me have a look at it.